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At what time can I check in?

From 1:00 pm but if you arrive early you can leave your luggage at reception.
At what time we should check-out?

You must check out at 12 noon.
Where can I park my car?

There are two public parking areas near the hostel and by night is free to park on the streets. 
Is the hostel 24 hour available?

Reception is open all night so you don’t have to worry…
Are there any room service?

Yes, each day we do room service and change towels
Do we have to pay in advance?

You’re free to pay any day until check-out…
Is there a breakfast service?

We’re sorry… but we don’t have breakfast service…
It is possible to leave my bags after I checked out?

We can look after your stuff from 12:00 pm until the time you leave Barcelona that day.